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Heroes of Ventis

House Rules

Inherited Destiny – Player Characters start play with an additional feat that must be selected from Dragonmarks

Heroic Might – Every Player Character gains an additional Class Daily, Encounter, and At-Will Power at start of play. The additional powers must be selected from your Class and level at game start. Whenever new powers are obtained, the player may select an additional power that would be available at that level (Whether its Skill, Utility, At-Will, Encounter, or Daily doesn’t matter).

Surpassing Potential – Starting abilities are rated at 13, 14, 14, 15, 17, and 17

Draconic Blessing – All Player Characters begin with Draconic as an additional bonus language

Guild Funding – The Heroic Endeavors Registration Organization (The HERO) provides for its members monetary funding to assist in their endeavors

Elven Warmasters – Elves in Ventris are known for their skills with a blade and thus take Fighter as a primary class rather than magic using ones.

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